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Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

(Accipiter gentilis)


(wingspan: 38’’-45’’) Northern Goshawks have a dark blue-gray back and crown with a light grey eyebrow. Their chest and legs are light gray with dark speckles. The juveniles are brown on their backs and top of wings with a buffy color underneath streaked with dark brown. The tail is barred with a white tip.


These birds prey on rodents, rabbits, large songbirds and small to medium game birds.


Migration depends on age, sex, and weather. In Colorado they are mainly found in the mountains and foothills.


Breeding pairs will nest in the same territory year after year but will rotate nest sites. The female will lay one to four eggs per brood. The young Goshawks will fledge the nest after four to five weeks.  

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