Birds We've Helped


While we currently have nine eagles in our flight cage exercising for release, one still tugs at our heartstrings a little more than the others - and she is ready to be released. You may remember us sharing the story of baby BG last year. A tiny one-week old nestling golden eagle had two broken wings when she came in to our ICU. We were unsure of her prognosis, but we had to try and save her life. Thanks to Sammy, the amazing adult Golden Eagle who fostered her, the two joined the other eagles in our large flight cage in late summer of 2015. BG stayed close to Sammy - their bond was obvious. Sammy was a patient as well, recovering from a collision with a dump truck. Together they have helped each other mentally and physically recover. 

As the summer of 2015 rolled on, BG felt more comfortable and confident. Like any normal fledgling, she tested her large wings and practiced for her first flight. Finally, one summer day, she launched off her tall perch and away from the comfort of Sammy. She flew straight and strong to the other side of the cage! We were all in utter shock! She is now a year old and there is no sign of her previously injured wings inhibiting her ability to be released. She is ready and in the coming weeks she will be released.

There is good news for Sammy too! She was just released earlier this month. We hope that Sammy has found her mate again and will breed next summer.

Update: In late July 2015 BG was released. He flew beautiful and strong with no evidence of the fractures he suffered as a downy chick.

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