Birds We've Helped

Nestling Northern Saw-whet Owls

In late April with a spring storm on its way, the chinook winds of the foothills sent an old hollowed-out tree crashing to the
ground. Some hikers braving the weather came upon the tree
and found four tiny owl nestlings shivering and cold. Thankfully Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) was able to quickly transport them to us for immediate care. After some
deliberation, we identified the babies as Northern Saw-whet
Owls. The oldest nestling (less than a week old) had the telltale tan belly feathers; the youngest was only a day old. The nestlings spent some time growing and gaining strength in our ICU. Luckily, we had overwintered an adult saw-whet owl, which became a foster parent for our youngsters. They are now learning and honing their hunting skills in a large outdoor flight cage. They still enjoy each others company as well as the attentions of their adult mentor. We expect to release all of them this summer.

Update 08/2016: All 4 owlets were released where they were found.

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