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Found an Injured Bird?

Call (303) 460-0674!

Every year more and more birds are found along our roads, under power lines, and in our own backyards. It can be very difficult at times to determine if a bird actually needs to be brought in to a rehabilitation facility. Please remember we are here to help you and the birds! With experience from hundreds of birds each year, we can help you determine if the situation calls for rescue or further observation.

Questions We’ll Ask When You Call:

  • Where is the bird? (e.g. park, road, backyard)
  • Why do you think the bird needs help?
  • Have you tried approaching the bird?
  • How close to the bird did you get?
  • Has the bird moved from its original position?
  • We will ask you to describe the bird in detail. Identifying the species can help determine normal and abnormal behavior.
  • Are the eyes bright and alert when you approach?
  • Are there any obvious signs of injury?
  • We will ask you to take a picture if possible. This will help us to evaluate the situation in even more detail.

The Birds of Prey Foundation rehabilitates eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, vultures, herons, pelicans, grebes, and ravens.

For all other injured and orphaned wild birds and mammals please contact Greenwood Wildlife (303)823-8455

These questions and more help us to determine the next step. It is legal to capture and transport a raptor in order to get care for it. It is illegal to keep it. Birds of Prey Foundation has permits from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Colorado Parks and Wildlife to  possess and care for migratory birds.

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