Eaglets Arrival

This past Sunday the very visible Bald Eagle Nest at 120th and E470 fell. The two youngsters were captured and brought to us for care. The first night was pretty tough for them . They had fallen, and then captured and transported. You can see in the pictures that wings are drooping. This was just from the stress of the day. They rested well Sunday night and ate everything put in front of them. We know many people are concerned for these young beauties and will keep everyone updated. They were not hurt in the fall of the nest. The only health problem we have found is a nasty but treatable internal parasite. They are receiving treatment for the parasite and we don't expect any problems with it.

Update: June 20, 2015: The young eagles are doing well. They are in an outdoor cage together until we are sure the parasites are gone. In a few days they will be with an adult Bald Eagle.

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