Jon F. Lutz Memorial Falcon Flight Cage Completed

In the spring of 2013, we made a plea for donations to help us rebuild our aging falcon flight cage. The cage, which was almost 30 years old, was in danger of collapsing. Last fall we had to relocate the falcons in the cage so that a heavy snowstorm wouldn’t collapse the cage with recovering birds inside. By April of this year we were finally able to rebuild. The old cage was torn down and then quickly and expertly rebuilt, thanks to Beyond Moonlight Construction’s dedicated work. We’ve learned a lot about rehabilitating falcons in the last 30 years, so several enhancements have been added to the new cage, including better overall design and  placement of perches and stairs.

The last cedar slat was put in place this June, and the last perch was fastened tight to the wall. A peregrine falcon enjoyed the newly rebuilt cage for the first time since last year. This falcon named “Petra,” came from the Western Slope and was specifically transferred to the Birds of Prey Foundation because of our large falcon flight cage. Her wing injury was not healing at the smaller facility and she needed more space to fly. Only time will tell if the larger cage will allow her full recovery. Four Peregrine Falcons are currently using the new cage, and an adult Prairie Falcon, though still in ICU, will be ready for a flight cage in a few weeks.

None of this would have been possible without you, our generous donors and supporters. In addition, countless volunteers labored over the final details of the cage to make sure it would be a safe and secure home for our recovering falcons. This cage was finished just in time: Prairie Falcons and Peregrine Falcons are nesting and raising young now and we’ll be admitting these falcons if they get sick or injured. Thanks again to all of you who made this new cage possible. We can’t express our gratitude enough!

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