The Cooper's Hawk and The Courier

Getting more than 800 individual birds from where they were discovered to our facility can be one of the most challenging parts of our job. We rely heavily on the public and volunteers to transport most of these birds to us. With so many patients needing immediate medical care, we don’t always have a helper who can go out to assist, and the person who sighted the bird might not be able to help either.

One such case this summer showed the lengths caring people are willing to go. A young Cooper’s Hawk was found in a gutter south of Denver, and an exhaustive search found nobody who was able to go and get him. No one at the scene could bring him to us either. One generous business owner finally decided to call their courier company and pay them to bring the bird to us. We
had the bird within an hour and we were able to rehabilitate and release him. I’m sure that courier has a story to tell for a long time! This is just one heartwarming example of the caring and generous nature of those that decide to help wildlife.

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