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Long-eared Owl (Asio otus)


Long-eared Owls have a long, slender body with feather tufts on their head. Their facial disk is outlined with white and black feathers, and they have bright yellow eyes. The rest of their body has different shades of brown, white, rufous, and black. Juveniles have the same plumage as adults.


These owls mainly eat rodents such as voles and mice. They also occasionally eat small birds, insects, and small reptiles.


Long-eared Owls are found in Colorado year-round.


Rather than build their own nests, Long-eared Owls will use abandoned nests from Black-billed Magpies, American Crows, Common Ravens, and some hawks. Females lay four to six eggs per brood, and the babies will fledge in four to five weeks

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