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Northern Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium gnoma)


Northern Pygmy Owls are a round-headed, long-tailed, small species. Their plumage is brown with white spots on their head, wings, back, and throat while their chest is white with brown streaks. On the back of the neck, they have black eyespots to deter predators. Juveniles have a gray head that lacks spots.


These owls prey on small rodents, insects, lizards, and small birds.


Found in Colorado year-round, Northern Pygmy Owls will migrate from higher altitudes to lower ones in the winter.


Northern Pygmy Owls are secondary cavity nesters, which means they need to find a cavity in a tree that is either natural or created by a woodpecker or a flicker. Females will lay four to seven eggs per brood, and the babies will fledge in four to five weeks.

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