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Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)


Bald Eagles have a white colored head and tail which isn’t completely present until the bird is five years of age. For those first four years, the young eagles’ plumage changes with different patches of brown, black, and white. Adults have a bright yellow bill, which also slowly changes from black in those first four years.


During breeding season these eagles tend to hunt for live prey. During non-breeding season they will become more opportunistic, taking food from other animals and scavenging for carrion. Their diet varies by region but they will prey on fish, waterfowl, and small to medium mammals. In Colorado, up to 75% of their diet consists of mammals.


In Colorado, there are some populations of Bald Eagles who are here year-round and some that come down from Alaska and Canada for the winter.


Bald Eagles tend to build their nests in large, live trees. Usually the same nest will be used each year. The female will lay approximately two eggs per brood. The young eagles fledge after ten to eleven weeks.

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