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Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus)


Rough-legged Hawks are relatively large hawks with long wings, a long tail, a small bill and feet, and highly variable plumage. Adults have dark wrist patches and a dark band near the ends of their primaries, as well as a dark band near the end of their tail. Rough-legged Hawks are feathered to their feet.


Lemmings and voles make up the majority of the Rough-legged Hawk's diet. They will also prey on other small to medium sized mammals and occasionally birds.


As a true arctic species, Rough-legged Hawks breed in northern taiga and tundra biomes. They can be found in Colorado during the winter, from as early as mid-October until as late as the beginning of May.


Rough-legged Hawks primarily nest on high cliffs or rocky outcroppings. Two to six eggs are laid and young fledge the nest five to six weeks after hatching.


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